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My file is not supported in file transcription, what can I do?

You can convert the file to WAV format or mp3 and then use file transcription on the converted file. We recommend using a tool like FFmpeg or similar for converting your audio files.

VoiceAI doesn’t support my language requirements. Will you be adding it?

Yes, we periodically add new language support to VoiceAI. Get in touch with us on Slack to see if your preferred language is coming soon, or email to discuss a custom model for your business.

My file transcription failed, can you help?

On rare occasions, your transcription may fail. Please contact and provide details on your job including the file ID, the date and time that the job was created.

Where can I find the file ID for a transcription?

Go to VoiceAI and open the jobs page. The page will list all the jobs that have been created on the platform and via your API. You can search for a job by the file name and job creation time. Click on a job to locate the file ID next to the file name.

My real-time transcription using websocket is inaccurate.​

There can be multiple reasons for this. If the audio is of sufficient quality for transcription, then check the sample rate and the data type which is being streamed over the websocket. Alternatively you can check this by recording the audios and passing it to file transcription and then cross checking results.

Real-time transcription results change after a pause.

This is expected behavior. When the audio is paused, our model reruns a segment of audio to produce better results with more context.

Real-time websocket connection fails.

Check the URL for real-time transcription, ensure that you are using the short lived token which has not expired and a unique session id. Follow this how-to guide for more information.

401 Authorization Required

If you are using our APIs and getting 401 status code, that means Authorization in the headers is either missing or invalid. You can resolve it by copy and pasting your generated API key to the value of 'Authorization' field in headers. If the problem still persists, please contact us at

503 Service Unavailable

In the rare event of a 503 error, contact the support team at or on Slack.