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Run in Postman

Run in Postman

Setup Postman Collection

Fork our Postman collection and test all our APIs on Postman directly.

Get API Key

To get your API key, follow the sign-up and create API key on the get-started page.

Set APIKEY in Collection Variables

The APIKEY needs to be set in the collection variables to be used by all APIs. Set the APIKEY variable as the API key that you would have obtained during the above step.


Structure of NeuralSpace API Collection

The structure of our Postman API collection is as seen on the side-bar in the screenshot below.


For file, the main APIs to create jobs and fetch results are in the Jobs folder. For real-time, check out the Webhook APIs. Usage is to check your usage of VoiceAI.

We keep the collection updated with latest API modifications, thus it is recommended to fork and pull changes. When integrating our APIs into your system, consider this collection as your golden reference!