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What is a webhook?

When transcribing an audio file, you need to wait until the status of the transcript changes to completed. If a file is very long, it could take a bit of time to transcribe it. To check on the current status of a scheduled job, you can poll the model-status API to get the current status and wait until it reflects completed. Alternatively, you can register a webhook on the NeuralSpace platform and receive status updates every time there is a change.

This will not only save bandwidth but also help you develop sequential workflows. For example, after a transcription job finishes successfully, you can call use the results in your own processes that might come after this.

How to register a webhook?

Step 1: Open the VoiceAI platform and login into your account.


Step 2: Open Notifications by clicking on the bell icon on the top right.


Step 3: Click on View all notifications and then on Notification settings.


Step 4: Click on the Add Webhook Endpoint button and fill in the details before clicking Add Webhook.


  • The webhook endpoint must be a POST request
  • To test the endpoint locally, tunneling tools like ngrok can be used.


The webhook response looks like below:

"event": "file-transcription",
"data": {
"customerId": "62342eae4318cb0012443229",
"status": "Transcription Completed",
"jobId": "4915b673-e2a6-4529-9142-6a2c980d94ec"

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Unhooked? Check out our FAQ page. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us directly at or join our Slack community.